Biden Administration and Pro-abortion Politicians Admit to Dangers of Chemical Abortion

In response to a letter signed by 83 pro-abortion politicians, the Biden Administration expressed intentions to declare a limited public health emergency under the PREP Act because up to 26 states have or are considering outlawing the practice of abortion. The declaration of a public health emergency requires the presence of a disease or bioterrorist attack. Unless Biden is saying that the presence of a baby represents a disease, he is redefining the definition of a public health emergency to mean the absence of a lethal drug.

It is clear that the Biden Administration wants more abortions. The way they want to increase abortions is by exposing women to lethal chemical abortion drugs without the supervision of a physician. In order to maintain a population, the average number of babies a woman of childbearing age needs to have is 2.1. America’s current average is 1.7 and falling. There is no sustainable economic model for a flat or declining population base. With hundreds of thousands of couples waiting to adopt and in the face of plummeting fertility rates, America is experiencing a baby shortage crisis.

The abortion industry appears to be committing consumer fraud by saying that chemical abortion is “safer than Tylenol,” despite it having been proven to be 400% more dangerous than surgical. If chemical abortion is truly safe for women, there would be no need to insulate abortionists and pharmaceutical companies from liability. It appears that the Biden Administration understands the severe and very lethal risks to women and children connected with chemical abortion.

If the Biden Administration is willing to manipulate a public health crisis to accomplish a political agenda at the expense of women’s health, it appears that they care more about abortion than the health and wellbeing of women. Rev. Jim Harden, CEO of CompassCare, attacked by the pro-abortion terrorist group known as Jane’s Revenge, says, “The motto of Jane’s Revenge is, ‘If abortion isn’t safe, then neither are you.’ Is that what the Biden Administration is saying to women?”

Pro-abortion terrorists and politicians clearly don’t care about the safety of pro-life organizations and people given the recent attacks. By reducing standards of care for women’s reproductive health, apparently, they don’t care about protecting women either. Rev. Harden comments, “The abortion industry is promoting the new chemical coat hanger.”


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