Pro-Abortion Terrorism Continues Post-Roe

Attacks on Christian, pro-life pregnancy centers have not subsided after the reversal of Roe v Wade on Friday, June 24. Christian, pro-life pregnancy centers are still the target of pro-abortion terrorist activity. The pro-abortion terrorist group Jane’s Revenge promised a “Night of Rage” for the evening Roe v Wade was reversed. While there were multiple protests, the “Night of Rage” also yielded at least one more firebombing of a Christian, pro-life pregnancy center—this time in Colorado. With the “Night of Rage,” Jane’s Revenge proudly wears the moniker of “Kristallnacht.

Local police are engaging in the over 60 locations that have been attacked by pro-abortion terrorists. While Christian, pro-life pregnancy centers are increasing security, they are not lashing out in kind, believing that all people are made in the Image of God and are deserving of blessing and protection—women and children alike—even the people who disagree with them.

Despite over 60 attacks on Christian, pro-life organizations, unbelievably, no arrests have been made. CompassCare CEO, Jim Harden, of the pro-life pregnancy center in Buffalo that was catastrophically damaged by a firebombing, says, “Because we believe in the personhood of all humans—including the preborn ones—it would appear that pro-life people are being treated as second class citizens by the pro-abortion elite, and certainly by Jane’s Revenge. They are actively and aggressively trying to deny pro-life Christians the ability to live out our beliefs. With no arrests being made after over 60 attacks, it may be time to invoke the Third ‘KKK’ Act of 1871.”

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