Supreme Court Gives Abortion Debate Back to the People

The Supreme Court allowed Texas to ban abortions. Meanwhile they entertained a case designed to put a stake through the heart of the abortion ruling Roe v Wade. With the official publishing of the ruling Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health, that is exactly what happened. Despite an unethical breach of judicial confidentiality sparking a pro-abortion crime wave, the ensuing public pressure did not alter the Court’s decision. But neither does the court’s ruling outlaw abortion. It releases the federal stranglehold on meaningful, state-level abortion debate. 

Jim Harden, CompassCare CEO stated, “It is not, nor has it ever been, the role of government to fabricate rights. The rights government creates will ultimately collide with the rights God creates. The case was not so much Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health as much as A Woman’s Right to Abortion v A Preborn Baby’s Right to Life.”

The pro-abortion terrorist group known as “Jane’s Revenge” has called for a “Night of Rage” the evening of the release of the Supreme Court’s ruling, to begin at 8:00 PM. As abortion terrorism attacks continue to mount against pro-life pregnancy centers, the Biden administration and pro-abortion politicians remain silent. The role of government is to protect all people everywhere at all times. They are failing.

CompassCare calls on all state Governors and Attorneys General to protect their pro-life pregnancy centers and churches.

Harden says, “The reversal of Roe does not outlaw abortion. It simply concentrates it in abortion hub states like NY. CompassCare has a national plan to disrupt the abortion industry’s business model by equipping over 650 pregnancy centers using our materials and strategies with the 21st century tools necessary to serve women before they travel.”

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