Doctors Half as Likely to Abort Than Average?

A recently published study compares average U.S. abortion rates to that of physicians. The average rate of abortion for women of childbearing age in the U.S. is twenty-four percent, about one in four women. That rate is 10.2% for medical professionals, one in ten. Doctors are half as likely to get an abortion than the national average.

Oddly, the lead author of the study, Morgan Levy, is quoted as saying, “…these findings show that abortion is…slightly less common [among docs] than in the general population.” If half the abortion rate to Ms. Levy means “slightly less” according to her math an eighty-year-old woman would be slightly less likely to get pregnant than one who is forty. Perhaps the reason physicians are half as likely to abort their children is their in-depth knowledge of embryology, demonstrating that human life begins at fertilization?

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