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FDA Buys Aborted Baby Body Parts?

  It is illegal to sell aborted baby body parts for profit. Planned Parenthood was accused of doing just that with a company called Advanced BioScience Resources (ABR) after an undercover operation sparked an ongoing investigation by the Department of Justice. Now the Federal Drug Administration announced a contract with Planned Parenthood’s partner, ABR, to

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New York Gives Free Advertising for Abortion Business?

  On August 7, Gov. Cuomo launched a ‘Public Awareness Campaign on Reproductive Health Care Resources.’ The drive includes direct advertising and a website dedicated in large part to promoting the services of private abortionists. According to the press release this drive is necessary because of alleged reports of misleading Crisis Pregnancy Centers offering free

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Will Abortion Be Outlawed?

  In June, Supreme Court pro-abortion Justice Anthony Kennedy retired. Ironically he did so after a stern warning to liberal states like California not to go the route of tyrannical regimes by targeting the faith of pro-life pregnancy centers. Now President Trump seeks the confirmation of a pro-life replacement for Kennedy. Many pro-abortion politicians such

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