DeSantis Asks Input from Pro-life Strategist Regarding Corruption in Federal Law Enforcement

For Immediate Release: June 30, 2023

Gov. Ron DeSantis requested a closed meeting on June 9, 2023, which included pro-life strategist, Rev. Jim Harden, who is the CEO of the embattled pro-life network, CompassCare. Rev. Harden was asked to provide some perspective on the politicization of the Department of Justice and FBI. Rev. Harden claimed the FBI slow-walked justice and the DOJ deprioritized investigations into the June 7, 2022 firebombing of CompassCare’s Buffalo medical office and other violent crimes against pro-life people.

Pursuant of a 2024 Republican Presidential bid, DeSantis requested strategic input on the deep-seated corruption within the upper echelons of the federal government, including federal law enforcement. This strategic input provided to Gov. DeSantis by Rev. Harden included his 5-Point Plan to Prosecute Corruption within Federal Law Enforcement. Rev. Harden said after the conversation that Gov. DeSantis recognized the grave nature of the problem, promising that since federal law enforcement is the purview of the Executive, he would implement an aggressive plan to curtail the corruption.

On Friday, June 23, Attorney General Merrick Garland responded to claims that the DOJ does not treat “like cases alike,” asserting such claims constitute an attack on democracy. The same day, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi warned that “there is a price to pay” for being pro-life saying, “That’s not a threat…it’s a prediction.” Rev. Harden says, “It feels weird to have Pelosi agree with me about anything. In January, I predicted the attacks on pro-life people would continue on the lead-up to the 2024 Presidential election. And so they have, including these recent statements from Garland and Pelosi.” Rev. Harden nuanced his prediction saying that he believes physical violence against pro-life entities will continue to slow and that future attacks will morph into 1) abusing the courts with frivolous litigation attempting to vilify law-abiding pro-life groups and 2) weaponization of legislation to push the pro-life message and activity out of the public square.

Pro-life organizations are acutely experiencing the double standard in federal law enforcement. With no convictions in over 300 attacks on pro-life entities, the DOJ and FBI have continued targeting peaceful pro-life people and groups with raids and litigation, while the DHS profiles pro-life moms as domestic terrorists. Rev. Harden comments, “Rather than own up to the corruption, Garland turns the blame on the victims, claiming they are attacking democracy while Pelosi issues threats to pro-life people. These attempts to vilify the pro-life victims aid in recruiting and radicalizing pro-abortion extremists. And a dearth of arrests and lack of convictions further emboldens their behavior. It must be stopped immediately by law enforcement enforcing the law equally, which the DOJ refuses to do.”

Since August of 2022, Rev. Harden began shining a light on the unjust double standard of the Biden Administration’s DOJ. Since then the House and Senate Judiciary Committees held extensive hearings, published investigative reports, heard whistleblower testimony from within the FBI, and are now entertaining articles of impeachment filed against FBI Director Wray and AG Garland, all regarding the DOJ’s targeting of pro-life people. Rev. Harden clarifies, “Pelosi and Garland are saying that pro-life people are public enemy number one.”

Rev. Harden believes that anyone seeking to serve the American citizenry as Chief Executive like Gov. DeSantis needs to have a plan to deal with a corrupt, unwieldy, and largely unconstitutional federal law enforcement. Such a President must immediately after taking the oath of office begin the herculean task of rooting out the deep-seated corruption in federal law enforcement with funding freezes, impeachments, criminal convictions, and imprisonments. But this is only possible if this person has a vision of a future America where the rule of law is anchored in the belief that we are all made in the image of God and therefore equally valuable, without qualification, deserving of equal protection under the law.

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