Pro-life Strategist Offers Advice to Presidential Hopefuls (RAN)

A pro-life strategist who predicted that the 2022 Republican red wave would die on the beach for failure to stand strong for life, offered some advice to Presidential hopefuls. Rev. Jim Harden, CEO of pro-life medical network, CompassCare, said that when asked about abortion candidates–Republican, Democrat, or otherwise need to be able to articulate basic truths about the nature of humanity and freedom. Rev. Harden said, “If the people continue to accept the idea that government can choose to deny personhood protections to any category of human, like preborn babies, then which category of human is next for disqualification? It is not the government’s job to decide which people qualify for protection under the law. We are endowed by our Creator, and not our government, with certain inalienable rights… The right to life being the one that presupposes all others.”

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