Ron DeSantis Joins Republican Abortion Hunger Games

For Immediate Release: May 25, 2023

On May 24, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced his bid for the 2024 Republican Presidential nomination. DeSantis’s announcement also comes after signing a Florida abortion compromise bill which, once enacted, will outlaw abortion after a heartbeat can be detected or for exceptions of rape and life of the physical mother, up to 15 weeks—still allowing 45.3% of all abortions in FL to continue.

In his first interview after his announcement, DeSantis was asked if abortion is the cost of federalism, the interviewer surmising that since the right to life is mentioned in America’s constituting documents should there be a Federal definition for life that would impact abortion. DeSantis seemingly dodged the question, claiming it needs to be a “bottom-up” issue, claiming that there is a role for both federal and state representatives to protect life, failing to define the Constitutional responsibility of the federal government to protect the rights of the youngest of citizens. Rev. Harden, the creator of the Harden Abortion Compromise Scale, says the answer is simple: “It is a barbaric society that splits hairs over when a person is deserving of protection in order to garner political office. Either all people are ‘endowed by their Creator’ with life, deserving of equal protection, or equality is a word the powerful use to manipulate the masses.”

Rev. Harden went on to applaud DeSantis for taking steps to protect the lives of some babies commenting, “If applied nationally, DeSantis’s 6-week ban would still permit 45% of all abortions every year, the death of 421,696 preborn boys and girls. Measuring the price of federalism, or the presidency, in terms of how many children our nation will sacrifice allows the Abortion Hunger Games to continue. This dehumanizes us all. America does not need a consensus-and-compromise politician. America and all her preborn citizens, need a pro-life statesman.”

Rev. Harden offers DeSantis some coaching in answering softball questions about federal protections for human life, “If the people continue to accept the idea that government officials can choose to deny personhood protections to any category of human, like preborn babies, then which category of human is next for disqualification? In the absence of Roe, which recklessly stated “The word ‘Person’ does not apply to the unborn,” there is now an opportunity to pass a personhood amendment defining all people, born and preborn, as protected under the law. Since a person, not a dollar, is the basic unit of an economy, every budget and debt ceiling renegotiation ought only to be considered with a personhood amendment.” No pro-life statesmen would ever argue over how many babies can be aborted “humanely.” Rather they need to embark on a generation-long task of undoing the damage of Roe, reminding America that it is not the job of government to decide which persons should be protected under the law but to protect all people, without qualification because we are endowed by our Creator, not our government, with certain inalienable rights…. The right to life being the one that presupposes all others. 

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