DOJ Joins Antifa Attacks on Peaceful Pro-life People Ahead of Chemical Abortion Court Ruling

Despite a likely resurgence of attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers in the wake of a federal judge’s ruling that could overturn the FDA’s approval of the chemical abortion pill, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has issued no warning to, nor allocated any resources for, the protection of pro-life people and organizations. Rather, on February 15, a Federal Grand Jury released indictments against eight peaceful, pro-life Christians for non-violent protests. The DOJ is indicting on FACE Act violations and conspiracy to deprive rights (a felony). Six of the eight had been previously indicted by the DOJ for similar charges. CompassCare is hopeful that the House Judiciary Committee will subpoena the DOJ and FBI regarding these and other frivolous prosecutions to ascertain their true motive and cost to the taxpayer.

The DOJ’s National Task Force on Violence Against Reproductive Health Care Providers, by their own admission, targets pro-life activity stating, “The Attorney General charged the Task Force with several wide-ranging functions: Coordinate national investigation and prosecution of incidents of abortion violence, with a focus on…anti-abortion activities.” And despite a peaceful pro-life leader, Mark Houck, being unlawfully prosecuted and exonerated twice, the DOJ’s webpage still lists his case as an incident of violent assault while listing none of the over 80 attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers.

Listing many cases that were dismissed, non-violent, or otherwise not warranting the vast taxpayer-funded resources of the DOJ, the inherent bias of the FACE Act is on full display through these actions. Rev. Harden, has indicated that if the arsonists who caused over half a million dollars of damage to CompassCare, injured two firefighters, and prevented women from accessing reproductive health care at CompassCare are ever arrested, CompassCare will not pursue FACE Act charges. Why? Rev. Harden explains, “The FACE Act is unconstitutional on its face, and the DOJ knows it. The FACE Act was instituted by the Clinton Administration to put a halt to all public pro-life activity. Today, it is being used exclusively (with only two exceptions, unmentioned on the DOJ’s list) to do just that, assassinating the character of pro-life leaders who have done nothing wrong. And given that the Supreme Court through Dobbs recognized that there is not a federally protected right to abortion in the U.S., the FACE Act has now lost its legal underpinnings.”

Rev. Harden, CEO of the national pro-life network, CompassCare, whose medical pregnancy center was firebombed by pro-abortion, Antifa terrorists called Jane’s Revenge in June of 2022, warns that this revamping of the DOJ’s character assassination could be the start of a new wave of attacks on pro-life people and organizations. “In 4th Generation Warfare—the process by which organizations such as al-Qaeda and Antifa seek to destabilize nation-states—the aggressor play their cards so as not to garner sympathy for their victim in the general public. Pro-life people were beginning to be seen as victims by the nation, irrespective of political leaning. Curiously, the physical attacks nearly stopped overnight in coordination with the DOJ and FBI slowing their own attacks. But now with the potential for chemical abortion to lose its federal protection, pro-life people will again be painted as the enemy. At the same time, attacks from the DOJ, pro-abortion politicians, and even Antifa seem to be resurging.”

Far from protecting the victims of violent crime, the DOJ seems to be joining Antifa in attacking pro-life Christians while actively enabling and encouraging others to break laws regarding the trafficking of illicit chemical abortion drugs, putting the lives of women in danger.

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