48 Percent of Congressmen Officially Reject the Protection of the Rights of Pro-Life People and Infants? (RAN)

On January 11, Congress passed H.Con.Res.3, a Concurrent Resolution denouncing violence against pro-life pregnancy centers, recognizing the sanctity of all human life, and demanding the Biden Administration to use law enforcement to protect the rights of pro-life people. The Resolution passed 222 to 209. Immediately prior, H.R. 26 was passed expressing the intention of Congress to hold medical professionals accountable to their preexisting obligation—their duty to care—to all infants born alive, especially those born alive after a botched abortion. Forty-eight percent of all U.S. representatives voted against both measures.

CEO of firebombed pro-life Buffalo medical office, Rev. Jim Harden, notes, “It appears forty-eight percent of legislators either did not read the legislation or are against the equal protection of pro-life citizens and infants.”

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