Abortionist Firebombed—Arrest Imminent

Sunday, January 15, at 11:30 P.M. the abortion business Planned Parenthood in Peoria, IL was firebombed. Similar attacks have occurred against 78 pro-life medical offices and pregnancy centers nationwide since the leak of the Supreme Court ruling overturning the longstanding abortion ruling Roe v Wade. The abortion anarchist group Jane’s Revenge claimed responsibility and threatens more such attacks. The anarchist message to pro-life people is, “If abortion isn’t safe, neither are you.” But in an odd turn of events, Sunday’s attack was not on a pro-life pregnancy center but an abortion facility, playing into a recent and unsubstantiated political narrative (promoted by Rep. Nadler, FBI Director Wray, and others) that crimes against abortionists are increasing dramatically, insinuating pro-life people are to blame. Local news says an arrest is imminent.

CEO of a pro-life medical network with an office in Buffalo recently firebombed, Rev. Jim Harden, unambiguously denounced the arson of an abortionist, “The attack on Planned Parenthood is an act of domestic terrorism deserving the full efforts of federal law enforcement, which pro-life organizations like CompassCare have yet to receive. We offer our condolences to Planned Parenthood and pray for a quick recovery of the brave injured firefighter.” Harden went on to encourage local Pregnancy Resource centers to stand ready to assist Planned Parenthood’s displaced, non-abortion clients.

“Given the uncanny similarity to the arson attack at the Peoria abortionist with the Jane’s Revenge arson of our pro-life medical office in Buffalo, we’ve asked our private investigators to look into the Peoria event,” Harden said. Harden is concerned this may be a political act given the recent false narratives that pro-life people are violent promoted by pro-abortion Democrats refusing to protect pro-lifers equally under the law. He went on to say, “Attacking an abortionist does not make someone pro-life, it makes them crazy.” This recent attack comes on the heels of House legislation rejected by pro-abortion Democrats who complain of a massive increase in violence against abortionists without evidence. “We do not believe that the violence perpetrated by Planned Parenthood against women and their preborn babies justifies violence against them. They will answer to God for their actions and so will those in government who sanction the sacrifice of innocent life in the name of choice. God in Scripture tells Christians to abstain from taking justice into their own hands saying, ‘Vengeance is mine. I will repay.’ True pro-lifers believe that all people are made in the image of God and are therefore equally valuable without qualification—in the womb or out. Violence is not our tool; it is the abortionists.”

It has been a long-time goal of the abortion empire to criminalize pro-life activity, their only competition. They have done this through legislation like the FACE Act, falsely indicting 26 peaceful side-walk ministers in 2022 alone, as well as the recent NY legislation vilifying pregnancy centers through a phony investigation while referring to pro-lifers as Neanderthals.  Hillary Clinton compared pro-lifers to middle eastern terrorists; Sen. Elizabeth Warren insists pro-life pregnancy centers are terrorizing women, demanding all of them be shut down; and Sen. Hirano issued a “literal call to arms” against pro-life people. 48% of House members refused to denounce the rampant violence against pro-life people and protect them equally under the law. All this is happening while organized pro-abortion terrorists get a pass from federal law enforcement for issuing ultimatums, threatening death or arson for pregnancy centers that refuse to close. And after 78 attacks on peaceful pro-life pregnancy centers with no arrests, NPR, New York Times, CNN and others refused to cover the violence. Yet, an identical firebombing of an abortionist gets immediate national coverage even used by USA Today as a means to join the current pro-abortion propaganda, painting pro-life people as violent. Harden concludes, “This recent terror attack at Planned Parenthood is being unjustly used to foment public outrage against pro-life political targets, like Emperor Nero setting fire to Rome and blaming it on Christians.”

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