48% of Congressmen Officially Reject the Protection of the Rights of Pro-Life People and Infants

On January 11, the 118th Congress passed H.Con.Res.3, a Concurrent Resolution denouncing violence against pro-life pregnancy centers, recognizing the sanctity of all human life, and demanding the Biden Administration use law enforcement to protect the rights of pro-life people. The Resolution passed 222 to 209. Immediately prior, H.R. 26, a bill dubbed the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, was passed, expressing the intention of Congress to hold medical professionals accountable to their preexisting obligation—their duty to care—to all infants born alive, especially those born alive after a botched abortion. The bill passed 220 to 210.

Both H.Con.Res.3 and H.R. 26 were not about abortion but about protecting citizens already born equally. Despite this, the votes for and against the two items was made across party lines, with the exception of 1 Democrat voting yes for H.R. 26 and 3 for H.Con.Res.3. While House Democrats spent considerable time vilifying pro-life people, claiming that, in propaganda consistent with pro-abortion terror group Jane’s Revenge, pro-life pregnancy centers are not medical providers and contribute to “misinformation that fuels the high infant and maternal mortality,” (Rep. Skyes). One Representative even laughably claims that giving medical care to babies born alive would endanger the health of the baby (Rep. Nadler). Similarly, Democrats insisted the bills were in direct opposition to abortion, ignoring the limited scope of both H.Con.Res.3 and H.R. 26 to just protect pro-life citizens and babies already born.

Given the common-sense content of both pieces of legislation, it seems the pro-abortion politicians in the Democratic party either 1) did not read the bills or 2) do not want pro-life people protected. Pro-Life strategist and CEO of firebombed national medical network, Rev. Jim Harden, notes, “It appears Democrat legislators either did not read the content of the legislation or were told to vote no. Either way, they are making a mockery of the legislative process and represent a conspiracy to deprive pro-life citizens and infants of their 14th amendment rights to equal protection.” Rev. Harden continued, “These 209 legislators disqualify themselves by their discriminatory hate-votes against Christian pro-lifers—refusing to insist upon the equal protection of citizens who believe that all people are equally valuable and should be protected without qualification. The very purpose of their office is to uphold the Constitution and protect all citizens equally.”

Ironically, this is all happening on the lead-up to Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday who demanded the equal protection of all people no matter their color or, in the case of pro-lifers, creed. Rev. Harden says, “Because all people are made in the image of God, we are equally valuable, without partiality. The militant pro-abortion Jane’s Revenge is the Democrat party’s new KKK. Is it a coincidence that nearly 40% of all abortions are perpetrated against 14% of the population, black people? If all the black babies that have been aborted since 1973 were alive today the black community would be more than two times larger. Abortion is racist. And now, with the shameless display of democrat discrimination, pro-life people are getting a little taste of the black community’s struggle against systemic government injustice during the civil rights movement of the 50’s and 60s. We are calling on Congress to stop playing politics and end the violence against pro-life people and, more importantly, preborn boys and girls.”

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