FBI Offers $25K Reward for Info Leading to Arrest for Firebombing of Buffalo Pro-life Medical Office, CEO Skeptical

This morning, November 14 at 8:30 A.M., the FBI notified Rev. Jim Harden, CompassCare CEO of firebombed pro-life medical network in Buffalo, that a $25,000 reward is posted for information leading to the arrest of arsonists who firebombed CompassCare’s facility. The FBI released an 18-second compilation of CompassCare’s video surveillance of the attack. The firebombing occurred 161 days ago on June 7, injuring two firefighters and causing half a million dollars in damage. The FBI published additional photos and descriptions of the perpetrators on their Most Wanted web page. After over 160 attacks on pro-life organizations nationwide, the $25k reward treats the attack as an isolated event.

The FBI posting comes less than a week after the midterm elections as the FBI is embroiled in controversy over politization, accused of deprioritizing investigations of violence against pro-life organizations like CompassCare. On November 3rd, the House Judiciary Committee released a 1050-page report, outlining extensive Department of Justice and FBI politicization—citing not just the record but testimony from FBI whistleblowers. Calling for more whistleblowers to come forward, the Committee promised continued investigation.

Rev. Harden said, “Let’s not be too hasty to sing the praises of the FBI. This may be nothing more than an attempt to appear evenhanded, bolstering their reputation ahead of more investigations by the House Judiciary Committee into the FBI’s abdication of duty to investigate violence against pro-life organizations. If they are serious about finding the perpetrators, they will offer a $25K reward for each of the 150 pro-life organizations that have been attacked—3.75 million dollars.”

Rev. Harden said the midterms elections would be about the moral issues, particularly abortion in the wake of the Dobbs case, predicting in August Republican electoral demise if they failed to stand strong on abortion. Rev. Harden says that pro-abortion politicians in charge of the Democratic party need to remove the appearance of the politization of federal law enforcement in order to use abortion as a winning strategy again for the Presidential election in 2024. In an interview, Jim Messina, former White House Deputy Chief of Staff under Obama, insists that abortion will be the defining issue in the 2024 presidential election. Rev. Harden went on to say, “Pro-life is the only winning strategy for the 2024 elections. Not only do Republicans need to demonstrate their pro-life convictions by holding law enforcement accountable but they need to get comfortable talking about the equal value of all humans as made just a little lower than God without qualification, from the womb to the tomb, because that alone is the only foundation for the Rule of Law.”

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