NY Protects Criminal Abortionists

In 2022 alone, New York gave millions to abortionists to increase their security, recruit more abortionists, enhance their infrastructure to deal out more chemical abortion, stockpile chemical abortion drugs, while passing legislation insulating abortionists from criminal liability for violating chemical abortion laws. Ironically, New York’s investment is happening when the abortion industry’s only competition, pro-life groups, are being vandalized and firebombed by pro-abortion violent extremists, attacks which Gov. Hochul did nothing to stop, claiming the “State Police stand ready.”

During the 2022 midterms the abortion industry invested over $150 million in campaign funds to elect pro-abortion politicians. Are the actions of Gov. Hochul a political ploy to garner more votes ahead of the 2024 Presidential Campaign, knowing that flipping four House seats in New York could sway the national balance of power back to pro-abortion politicians?

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