Pro-Life Ethicist Predicts Left’s Abuse of the Lewiston Tragedy

For Immediate Release: October 27, 2023

On October 25, 2023, a shooter opened fire in two separate businesses in Lewiston, Maine. At the time of this publication, the death toll is approximately 18, with more injured. Robert Card is named as the suspect.

There are notable similarities between the shooting in Lewiston, ME, and the one in Nashville, TN at a Christian school: the shooters in both cases were identified as threats and both locations had a concentration of children. However, the differences are even more noteworthy: the details about the transgender TN shooter remain obscured to this day, including the manifesto and motive, yet the name, personal details, and political associations of the ME shooter are saturating the media just hours after the tragedy.

Rev. Jim Harden, medical ethicist and political strategist identifies the root cause of the violence: “The nation is outraged at yet another mass murder, making many wonder why America is seemingly tearing itself apart. These mass shootings stem from the same social disease as abortion—a rejection of the truth that all people are made in the image of God and as such ought to be afforded that level of dignity. Instead, America has taught our children for generations that man is an accident just a little smarter than the animals. Abortion, mass shootings, genitalia mutilation of children, physician-assisted suicide, along with Antifa and Hamas terror are all signs of a society that has lost her soul.”

Doug Herrmann, LTC (US Army, Ret), CompassCare Chief Operations Officer states, “If it is true that Robert Card perpetrated this crime and that he was in the Army Reserves, his actions dishonor not only himself but also the Army values. We should not be surprised that the Left will use this to vilify our virtuous soldiers. The role of the military is to protect the Constitution and all citizens from threats, both foreign and domestic. These are acts of an abuser and a bully, the very type of acts military personnel are trained to mitigate.”

Warning that the political Left will further abuse the public by using the attack to manipulate the emotions of the masses for political gain, Rev. Harden predicts: “Mass shootings are acts of terror by bullies, cowards, and abusers designed to destabilize society by making people feel unsafe. This opens the door for political bad actors to enact more laws that eat away at America’s Constitutional Rule of Law. Today the Left’s media apparatus is condemning Robert Card’s actions while subtly linking him to Conservative causes through weak associations and hearsay. This enables the Left to politically transfer the blame of the actions of a godless, mentally ill murderer to their political opponents. In so doing, the Left will be able to: 1) distance themselves from the transexual gunman in TN, 2) shame and vilify their political opponents ahead of the 2024 Election, and 3) leverage the tragedy to push an aggressive gun-control narrative. Like cowards, hiding behind a tragedy they did nothing to stop, the Left will marginalize the only people remaining in the nation who truly protect the life and wellbeing of all people equally—conservative pro-life Christians.”

Describing a Scripture response to the attack Rev. Harden concludes, “In Luke 13, Jesus was asked about the news of a violent injustice and mass disaster resulting in the loss of human life. He said that our first and best response to these kinds of tragedies is to ‘repent, or we will all likewise perish.’ Translation? Until we return to a common understanding of what it means to be human under God, America will continue attacking itself through abortion, mass shootings, gender ‘transition’ surgeries, and physician-assisted suicide, eventually resulting in the complete destruction of the nation-state system.”

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