Articles of Impeachment Filed Due to National Pattern of Criminal Behavior in Federal Law Enforcement (RAN)

Rep. Marjorie Green filed articles of impeachment for Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray due to a national pattern of criminal behavior. The articles claim Garland and Wray are permitting “the Department of Justice to target people of faith and those seeking to protect the sanctity of life” and “persecuting the enemies” of the Biden Administration. This includes a refusal to identify as domestic terrorist Antifa front group, Jane’s Revenge, for its nationwide threats and firebombings of pro-life organizations like CompassCare in Buffalo. CEO of CompassCare, Rev. Jim Harden applauds Rep. Greene, “This is a good start. The leadership in the DOJ, FBI, and DHS need to be impeached for both depriving pro-life people of equal protection under the law and for undermining the rule of law for knowing, permitting, or participating in federally-defined domestic terrorism.”

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