5-Point Plan to Prosecute Corruption within Federal Law Enforcement Released (RAN)

Recently, pro-life strategist, Rev. Jim Harden, CEO of firebombed CompassCare, released a 5-Point Plan to put an end to the corruption of federal law enforcement that is persecuting Christians. The plan states that because federal law enforcement is the purview of the Executive branch, any serious Presidential candidate must have a plan to address the deep-seated corruption. Rev. Harden has been saying that the attacks on pro-life people appear to be sanctioned by President BidenAttorney General Garland, FBI Director Wray, and now even DHS Secretary Mayorkas. The 5-point plan includes a funding freeze of the FBI, impeachment of leaders, imprisonment of any participants for sedition, treason, racketeering, etc. Rev. Harden also believes that in light of the abuses, it is time to re-evaluate to what extent federal law enforcement is violating the 10th amendment.

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