Gallup Poll Shows Most Americans Want 98 Percent of Abortion Restricted (RAN)

The 2023 Gallup Poll annually plumbing the depths of popular sentiment regarding abortion was released. Some are reporting the new data reveals increased support for abortion. Yet, upon closer inspection by Steven Ertelt, the poll revealed the percentage of Americans identifying as pro-life increased while those identifying as pro-choice decreased year over year. Now that the Dobbs decision re-vested the states with the freedom to restrict the practice, the data is even more important. It reveals that “a plurality of Americans oppose all or most abortions.” While generally people say it should be legal, when asked about the circumstances in which it should be legal most said to save the life of the mother or rape. Ertelt says, “Since those rare reasons constitute approximately 2% of all abortions, Americans oppose 98% of abortions.”  

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