NY Gov Attack Pro-Lifer Pregnancy Centers Because Their Free Care Doesn’t Include Abortion

On June 13, 2022, six days after the firebombing of CompassCare’s pro-life medical office in Buffalo, New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed a bill to investigate pro-life pregnancy centers while calling pro-life people Neanderthals. On September 25, the Department of Health began their investigation. According to the Governor’s website, the investigation purports, “to examine the unmet health and resource needs [of women] and [the] impact of limited service pregnancy centers.” The law defines “limited service pregnancy centers” as an entity “whose primary purpose…is to provide services…that… fails to provide or refer for…abortion….”

Medical Ethicist and CEO of the pro-life medical network CompassCare, Rev. Jim Harden observes, “I find it comical that its pro-life pregnancy centers being labeled ‘limited service’ when we’re the ones providing everything but abortion, for free, while abortionists do nothing but abortion for a fee.”

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