NY Gov Circumvents Justice System to Attack Pro-Lifers

As of September 25, pro-life pregnancy centers are being sent surveys from New York’s Department of Health accused of being “limited service pregnancy centers” because they do not provide abortion. According to Gov. Hochul’s new law, the survey results must be compiled into a report by December 13, with recommendations for further regulation.

Rev. Jim Harden, CEO of New York based pro-life pregnancy network recently firebombed by pro-abortion terrorists says, “Pro-life pregnancy centers have never violated any laws nor been convicted of any crimes.” Harden went on to insist, “Hochul’s law is a Stalinistic attempt to skirt the justice system to attack the politically disfavored and secure the monopoly of the billion-dollar abortion industry, investing hundreds of millions in pro-abortion political campaigns. We’ll consider compliance when audits on the abortion industry are made public by the Department of Health.”

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