How to Quell Criminal Behavior of Federal Law Enforcement (RAN)

On May 9, disturbing documents were published after being obtained by America First Legal from the Department of Homeland Security. The documents reveal that DHS joined the FBI in a pattern of criminal behavior targeting pro-lifers—this time mothers. The training documents at the DHS consider peaceful pro-life mothers to be potential domestic terror threats. This is consistent with behavior from the FBI as whistleblowers from within revealed that the bureau issued a threat tag for agents to be aware of “pro-life adherence,” to look into “pregnancy centers” as well as spying on pro-life Catholics. At the same time pro-life entities like CompassCare are being threatened and firebombed by pro-abortion Antifa terrorists. Perhaps the federal government is afraid of pro-life moms because they know that “the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.”

To serve women and save lives go to

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