2024 Presidential Election Race About Abortion—Analysis Reveals No Pure Pro-life Candidates (RAN)

The 2024 Presidential election race is expected to be about abortion. Polls show a majority of Americans want state abortion restrictions. Republican candidates jockey for public favor by communicating what they are calling pro-life policies related to abortion bans after a certain week of pregnancy. A new abortion policy analysis tool called the Harden Abortion Compromise Scale (HACS), reveals the practical consequences of those policies in terms of babies killed in abortion. For example, Nikki Haley’s abortion ban after 20 weeks permits 99.1% of all abortions to continue. Mike Pence’s 15-week ban permits 95.9%. Even Ron DeSantis’ 6-week ban allows for 45.3%. The creator of the HAC Scale, Rev. Jim Harden says, “Despite there not being a pure pro-life candidate for Republicans, Democrats need to come clean on their very unpopular position of unfettered abortion access up to birth.”

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