Nikki Haley About as Pro-life as Joe Biden New Harden Abortion Compromise Scale Reveals

For Immediate Release: May 1, 2023

On Tuesday, April 25 in a speech at the headquarters of a pro-life group, Republican Presidential hopeful, Nikki Haley, fooled many—perhaps even including herself—that her abortion consensus policy makes her a pro-life candidate. However, a new scale shows otherwise.

The new Harden Abortion Compromise Scale (HACS) reveals the practical consequences of a candidate’s abortion policy position in terms of babies killed by abortion. National pro-life strategist, Rev. Jim Harden, creator of HACS says, “With all the political rhetoric and emotional posturing, Americans need a tool to see at a glance exactly how many babies each candidate is willing to let die from abortion to gain office with their policy.” Rev. Harden goes on, “Since 99.1% of all abortion occur prior to 20 weeks gestation, Nikki Haley’s abortion compromise is about as effective at solving the abortion problem as Henry Clay’s Missouri Compromise was at solving slavery.”

The Harden Abortion Compromise Scale combines the most recent CDC abortion surveillance data with the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute’s Abortion Provider Census to determine the number of abortions occurring by gestational age. It then takes the candidate’s policy and measures the number of preborn boys and girls that the policy would allow to be aborted.

Rev. Harden says, “Pro-abortion politicians in charge of the Democrat party like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris prefer to mischaracterize not only the opinions of the public regarding abortion restrictions but also the policies of Republicans. They do this to dodge coming clean on their own very unpopular position of unfettered abortion access up to and after birth.”  But, according to HACS, even the most conservative policy of all Republican presidential hopefuls would still permit over 45% of all abortions.

HACS derives its name from Hebrews 3:13b: “…so that none of you will be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.” HACS contextualizes policy positions on abortion for both candidates and their prospective voters to evaluate policy decisions and how they protect or fail to protect all people equally under the law. Rev. Harden wonders if a purely pro-life candidate will arise to fight for all citizens both born and preborn.

As an example of a comprehensively pro-life strategy, Rev. Harden created the 9-Point Protect Women and Children from Abortion Fraud and Injury Plan. Sean Hannity, while discussing the nuanced exceptions to pro-life policy, said of Rev. Harden’s position, “My exceptions are intellectually inconsistent. Your opinion is more pure.” A true pro-life statesman needs to be comprehensively pro-life, both for the woman and the child. This requires much more than restrictions on abortion based merely on gestational age.

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