Federal Second Circuit Rules in Favor of Pro-life New Yorkers (RAN)

In New York on February 27, the U.S. Second Circuit Court unanimously ruled in favor of pro-life institutions. The court held that a 2019 New York State law, dubbed the Boss Bill, is unconstitutional, violating the 1st Amendment rights of pro-life employers. The law, signed by former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, was immediately challenged in Federal Court of the Northern District of New York, by pro-life groups like CompassCare, represented by the Thomas More Society and Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). ADF Senior Legal Counsel Ken Connelly said then, “The state is requiring our clients to contradict their convictions and undercut their freedom of association—requirements that are flatly unconstitutional.” The Second Circuit decision agreed saying that the district court’s determination to side with New York State is “erroneous…. [forcing plaintiffs] to employ individuals who act…against the very mission of its organization.”

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