Biden Administration Admits No Right to Abortion—Kalamazoo Arsonist Sentenced

On February 6, Joshua Brereton was sentenced after pleading guilty to federal charges of Arson of an Institution or Organization Receiving Federal Funding (18 U.S.C. § 844 (f)(1)) at Planned Parenthood in Kalamazoo, Michigan on the afternoon of Sunday, July 31, 2022. Planned Parenthood receives approximately half a billion dollars in federal funding annually. Brereton was sentenced to 5 years in federal prison and fined $32,699.45 for the damages. Acting alone and insisting that he was neither politically nor religiously motivated, Brereton attempted to set fire to the Kalamazoo Planned Parenthood. Both the U.S. District Judge Maloney and U.S. Attorney Mark Totten for the Western District of MI implied in their statements that Brereton was politically motivated and may represent a larger movement. Oddly, AP carried an unsubstantiated quote, claiming that Brereton’s arson attempt was religiously motivated. Yet, both Brereton’s conviction and statements contradict the political narrative of the judge, federal prosecutor, and media.

Rev. Jim Harden, CEO of a firebombed pro-life medical office in Buffalo, CompassCare, days after the attempted arson, denounced the actions of Brereton, saying, “…he is no better than Jane’s Revenge. It makes me happy to know that the FBI caught him.” Today, Rev. Harden adds, “What about the 230 attacks on pro-life entities that neither the Department of Justice nor U.S. Attorney Mark Totten recognizes, despite being bona fide acts of domestic terror? There is a clear, multi-tiered conspiracy to deprive pro-life people of their 1st Amendment freedom of speech and 14th Amendment equal protection rights. This was a confused young man acting alone, and the sentencing bears that out.”

Contradicting the narrative presented by the federal justice representatives, Brereton, in a video posted to YouTube prior to the crime, clarified that his beliefs are neither politically nor religiously motivated, but scientifically, stating, “…read a science book. [Abortion is] not a religious debate, it’s not a political debate.” Yet, somehow, the Associated Press claimed his actions were driven by a “church sermon.” After the sentencing, U.S. Attorney Mark Totten implied that Brereton’s actions were politically motivated. Then Judge Maloney joined Totten’s apparently unsubstantiated opinion that there is a larger group of people to dissuade from similar attacks on abortion clinics, noted in the DOJ’s press release: “…the need for general deterrence… that others who might commit a similar violent crime need to understand that a substantial sentence will be meted out….”

Rev. Harden continues, “It appears that the Federal government usurped the policing power of the MI authorities, in violation of the 10th Amendment, to use this case to further the false political narrative that pro-life people are violent. Despite over 230 attacks on pro-life entities in 2022 alone, it is odd that neither the DOJ nor the judge nor the Associated Press even acknowledges the nationwide, conspiratorial domestic terror against peaceful pro-life organizations and people.” Interestingly, Brereton was not indicted on FACE Act violations, the go-to law to prosecute crimes against abortion clinics. FACE stands for “Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrance” Act, presuming to protect a federal right to abortion from interference. Rev. Harden of CompassCare insisted last week that the FACE Act unfairly and unconstitutionally targets pro-life people as none of the 230 attackers have been arrested and sentenced for FACE Act violations. In a post-Dobbs America, the FACE Act is null and void because the federal government no longer recognizes a right to abortion. Rev. Harden says, “Through this sentence, while it is good and right for Brereton to pay for his crime, the Department of Justice quietly admits that a right to abortion is no longer recognized in federal law.”

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