New York’s Abortion Boondoggle—An Unending Liability (RAN)

New York is considering a bill using tax payer funds to support development of its abortion tourism industry. The bill earmarks millions to recruit more abortionists, build more clinics, and set up telemedicine technology to mail dangerous chemical abortion drugs to women while covering the travel expenses and abortion costs for out-of-state women. There is evidence of serial sex crime cover-ups by the abortion industry as well as mass consumer fraud, claiming chemical abortion “has fewer side effects than… aspirin” despite being 500% more dangerous than surgical abortion. Rev. Jim Harden, medical ethicist and CEO of pro-life medical network CompassCare insists, “This is New York’s abortion boondoggle, saddling the state’s tax payer with unending liability for abortion industry and complicity in the cover up of sex crimes.”

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