Hillary Clinton Compares Pro-Lifers to Terrorists—Jane’s Revenge Death Threats Follow

The pro-abortion domestic terror group known as Jane’s Revenge issued more death threats to pro-lifers in Omaha, Nebraska on December 3. Two days prior, Hillary Clinton compared pro-lifers to middle eastern terrorist regimes. The note was found taped to the door the morning of a Students for Life meeting at the John Paul II Newman Center in Omaha. The pro-abortion extremists demanded pro-lifers cease public lobbying activity or Jane’s Revenge will, “Shoot up your…center with our new AK-74 (sloppy writing misread as AR-14) rifles.”

All this comes four days after the release of a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) bulletin warning of “a heightened threat environment.” Leader of firebombed Buffalo pro-life medical office, Rev. Jim Harden wonders if there is a connection between Clinton’s reckless comments and renewed death threats by Jane’s Revenge. Harden said, “Given the lethargic FBI response to threats against pro-life people, I doubt there is an investigation into any recent AK-74 purchases in the Omaha region. Thankfully, the local police correctly labeled this as another case of domestic terrorism. What continues to be disconcerting is why the FBI and now DHS refuse to speak the truth that virtually all abortion-related violence is committed by the radicalized left.”

Rev. Harden continues, “Could it be a coincidence that roughly 36 hours before the Omaha death threats were issued by Jane’s Revenge against pro-lifers, Hillary Clinton compared pro-lifers to middle eastern terrorist regimes? I wonder if the FBI is investigating Ms. Clinton for fomenting violence? This is not the first time political bad actors have used incendiary language against pro-life Christians this year. MA Sen. Elizabeth Warren accused peaceful pro-life pregnancy centers of terrorizing women. HI Sen. Hirono issued a ‘literal call to arms’ to pro-abortion people. Why are these pro-abortion political leaders not demanding their militant followers to stand down, to honor the rule of law? Is the FBI investigating these women for conspiring to deprive pro-life Christians of their free speech and equal protection rights?”

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