Hillary Clinton Compares Pro-lifers to Terrorists—Jane’s Revenge Death Threats Follow (RAN)

Pro-abortion domestic terror group Jane’s Revenge, issued more death threats to pro-lifers in Omaha, Nebraska on December 3. Two days prior, Hillary Clinton compared pro-lifers to middle eastern terrorist regimes. The note was found taped to the door the morning of a Students for Life meeting at the John Paul II Newman Center in Omaha. Leader of firebombed pro-life medical office, Rev. Jim Harden wonders if there is a connection. The pro-abortion extremists demanded pro-lifers public lobbying activity or Jane’s Revenge will, “Shoot up your…center with our new AK-74 rifles.”

All this comes four days after the release of a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) bulletin warning of “a heightened threat environment.” Given the lethargic FBI response to threats against pro-life people, Rev. Harden doubts there is an investigation into any recent AK-74 purchases in the Omaha region.

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