How Attacks Against CompassCare and Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Are Escalating

Pro-abortion terror group, Jane’s Revenge, after firebombing CompassCare’s Buffalo office, demands we shut down, insisting that next time “it will not so easily be cleaned up as fire and graffiti,” declaring “open season” on pro-life pregnancy centers.

NY Governor Hochul signs a bill investigating pregnancy centers, not arsonists, calls pro-lifers “Neanderthals.”

NY Attorney General, Letitia James, demands Google wipe all pregnancy centers off maps so women can’t find them.

Senator Elizabeth Warren demands pregnancy centers be shut down.

President Joe Biden, in an Executive Order, requests Attorney General Merrick Garland investigate pregnancy centers rather than the domestic terrorist cells attacking them.

Times like these are precisely what faith is for. Not only did the Church through CompassCare continue serving women in an alternate Buffalo location, but the firebombed office was rebuilt under threat of attack in a Nehemiah-like 52 days. Additionally, God through His people gave $265,000 to Rebuild Bigger, preparing Buffalo to serve 30% more women considering abortion traveling from out of state.

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  1. Stephanie Reply

    Thank you for the work you are doing, this is truly Gods will to take a stand against this practice. So proud to hear if the rebuilding and the glorious work for His kingdom!

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