Supreme Court Suspends Release Schedule, Without Roe-Reversal — Jane’s Revenge Takes Responsibility for Buffalo Firebombing, Promises Escalation of Violence

The Supreme Court cut short their final decision release day. The Nation still awaits the anticipated reversal of Roe.

Meanwhile, the pro-abortion terrorist group Jane’s Revenge took responsibility for the Buffalo firebombing of CompassCare’s pro-life pregnancy center saying, “You have seen us in… Buffalo NY…through attacking we find joy.” Their communique continues, “We have demonstrated in the past month how easy and fun it is to attack….” They deepened their threats saying, “We promise to take increasingly drastic measures…that may not come in the form of something so easily cleaned up as fire and graffiti,” saying it is “open season” on pro-life pregnancy centers.

The investigation of the national pro-abortion crimewave sparked by the leak of the SCOTUS draft reversing Roe has yielded no arrests. Also, no reports have been issued from Federal, State, or local police. CompassCare CEO, Jim Harden, says, “As best we can tell, zero federal and state law enforcement resources have been allocated to protect pro-life pregnancy centers and people despite elevated threats.”

Harden notes, “CompassCare and pro-life pregnancy centers across the U.S. take joy in providing for the unmet health and resource needs of women facing unplanned pregnancy.” Harden goes on to warn Jane’s Revenge, saying “The wrath of God is revealed from Heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men. None of your sins will go unpaid for. Either repent and join me in the shadow of the cross, having Christ pay for your sins, or bear God’s punishment for eternity. Forsake your violence and submit to the cross of Christ who endured violence to end all violence.”

Sign the petition urging political leaders to
stop the crimewave against
pro-life pregnancy centers.

Give to women considering abortion and CompassCare’s plan to complete the abolition of Roe in the remaining abortion-hub states.

5 comments on “Supreme Court Suspends Release Schedule, Without Roe-Reversal — Jane’s Revenge Takes Responsibility for Buffalo Firebombing, Promises Escalation of Violence”

  1. M. Diane McGovern Reply

    You and your family continue to be in our prayers. Wednesday and Friday we set aside for prayer and fasting for our country and for women considering abortion. We thank you and your staff for all they are doing . May God protect
    you and your family. Diane McGovern

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