Supreme Court Expected to Overturn 1973 Abortion Ruling in June?

The national abortion battle lines are shifting. The Supreme Court is expected to arbitrate on a challenge to a pro-life Mississippi law in June. Coupled with the facts that 1) the court has a conservative leaning majority for the first time since before 1973 and 2) it has let the Texas abortion ban stand, many, including the largest abortion business in the world, Planned Parenthood, fears the court will overturn the 1973 ruling legalizing abortion.  

The court’s decision is expected this June. Many people believe overturning Roe v Wade will outlaw abortion. Not true. It simply allows states to decide the issue for themselves, causing women travel to states that keep it legal for an abortion.

CompassCare is already receiving calls and serving women from places like Texas. It appears New York abortion tourism has begun.

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