Medical Ethicist Worries Rape Inflation Coming to Indiana

Last week Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb signed a bill outlawing most abortions. It goes into effect on September 15. Rev. Jim Harden, medical ethicist and CEO of firebombed pro-life medical office in Buffalo said, “Indiana’s abortion exceptions for rape and fetal anomalies are of serious concern.”

The new law permits abortion in cases of rape and incest within the first ten weeks of pregnancy. Rev. Harden worries that because the bill does not require an affidavit regarding a rape attack, that it will become a loophole exploited by abortionists selling abortions to women who were not actually victims. “This loophole,” Rev. Harden describes, “could very well create a kind of rape inflation in Indiana by increasing the reported cases while decreasing appropriate response to protect true crime victims by the medical and law enforcement communities.”

Also of concern to CompassCare’s CEO is Indiana’s abortion exception for ‘lethal fetal anomalies.’ Fetal anomalies are diagnosed using prenatal screening. Prenatal screenings carry as much as a 50% false-positive rate. If human life is the most valuable asset to the future any state or nation then permitting the destruction of a human by abortion based on flawed prenatal tests is irresponsible. Rev. Harden insists, “The role of government is to protect all people equally which is why abortion is being restricted and outlawed. In a post-Roe America, states now have an opportunity to hold the medical community accountable to innovate to save lives instead of giving up on a preborn boy or girl at the slightest hint of a medical challenge.”

Rev. Harden encourages Indiana to watch closely for abortion due to rape and fetal anomaly inflation, standing ready to enforce the spirit of their new law while other states consider similar measures.

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