Is There a Link Between Prenatal Diagnosis and Abortion?

Prenatal screening carry as much as a 50% false-positive rate. This is disconcerting, especially when women so often choose to abort based those flawed test results. In a recent USA Today piece, practicing Ob/GYN Dr. Christina Francis opines, “Those are stunningly high margins of error given the stakes.” She goes on to ask the haunting question, “How much more often are we wrong?” Another study reveals women who undergo prenatal testing receive a diagnosis that is a misclassification of a disease or condition 9.2 percent of the time. One of the most common errors relates to cardiac malformations, an indicator for Down syndrome. Sadly, a Healthline article notes, “100 percent of women in Iceland who receive a positive test for Down Syndrome choose to terminate the pregnancy.” That number is 67 percent in the U.S.

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