Uncovered: Four-Pronged Strategy Deployed to Protect the Abortion Industry

Pro-abortion politicians are protecting the flagging, for-profit abortion industry post-Roe with a four-pronged strategy. Those prongs are 1) deregulating self-managed abortion through mail-order chemical abortion; 2) deprioritizing enforcement of abortion restrictions; 3) regulating the abortion industry’s only competition, pro-life medical pregnancy centers; and 4) devaluing religious liberty by conflating abortion with religious expression.

The first prong of the pro-abortion plan to protect the abortion industry is to deregulate chemical abortion. On July 8th, President Biden issued an Executive Order to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, requiring a report identifying actions to “…expand access to abortion care, including medication abortion….” Rev. Jim Harden, pro-life strategist and CEO of CompassCare, commented, “At 400% more dangerous than surgical abortion, deregulating the chemical coat hanger known as RU-486 robs women of safe, ethical medical care.”

The second prong to protect the abortion industry encourages state law enforcement agencies to deprioritize the enforcement of abortion regulations (See actions taken in Atlanta, GA, Denton, TX, New Orleans, LA, Memphis, TN, Austin, TX, Columbus, OH, etc.). This strategy undermines America’s governmental structures, robbing the people of their ability to regulate abortion in their own states.

In conjunction with the second prong, the third prong in the pro-abortion political strategy to protect the for-profit abortion industry is to regulate their only competition, pro-life medical pregnancy centers (see NY Governor Hochul’s Pregnancy Center Investigation Bill and President Biden’s July 8 Executive Order). Some wonder if it is legal for elected officials to use their office and tax payer resources to protect a pet for-profit industry from competition.

The fourth prong being deployed is devaluing religious liberty by conflating abortion with religious expression. A legal complaint filed on august 1st by Florida Jewish Rabbis claims that counseling women to have abortions is core to their religion. Rev. Harden states, “It’s hard to imagine that the Jewish community won’t laugh these Rabbis right out of temple who insist that counseling for abortion is crucial to the practice of Judaism. It appears that there are priests of Molech masquerading as Jews.”

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