Proliferation of Mass Shootings Related to Abortion?

The latest mass shooting in Suburban Chicago over the Fourth of July weekend brings the national toll of mass shootings so far this year to 309. CompassCare CEO, Rev. Jim Harden, insists that the root cause of the proliferation of this violence is the same reason abortion is promoted: the devaluation of human life.

The Bible says that a person should not shed another person’s blood, should not kill another human, because all people are made in the image of God. This is the only basis for inherent human value, the only reason why all people should be protected. As America de-Christianizes, embracing an arbitrary and godless view of the origin of mankind, along with that comes a gaping hole of human purpose and value. This proliferation of the belief that mankind is the result of chance, taken to its logical conclusion, destroys any possibility of a shared moral framework to maintain civilized order. The resulting loss of respect for people as made just a little lower than God is the social carcinogen that gives rise to the boils of violence manifesting themselves in the destruction of life through events like mass shootings and abortion.

CompassCare and other pro-life pregnancy centers are experiencing the violence and threats which emanate from this toxic philosophy, devaluing human life. Harden says, “The firebombing and threats against our organization and family are murderous at heart. Yet the government, rejecting the spirit of Dobbs to protect all citizens equally, has yet to arrest anyone associated with any of the 70 acts of terrorism against pro-life organizations.”


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