Buffalo Firebombing Police Report Expected

On Tuesday, after the firebombing of CompassCare’s medical office on 1230 Eggert Road in Buffalo, local police set the expectation that a report of their investigation should be released by today at the latest. So far Amherst Police and the FBI have been investigating the complexities of the arson attack as well as analyzing detailed security footage from CompassCare and surrounding facilities.

Cameras were trained on all points of building penetration. All video footage was stored onsite, survived the fire intact, and was collected as evidence to be analyzed. After a month’s worth of attacks on peaceful pro-life pregnancy centers nationwide and three days of intense investigation by multiple local and federal law enfocement agencies, surprisingly no arrests appear to have been made.

All this was sparked because of the dangerous leak of the majority opinion draft reversing Roe. Similarly, there has been no report released regarding Chief Justice Robert’s instruction to the Marshal of the Court to investigate the breach.

Meanwhile, peaceful pregnancy centers continue to be violently targeted by abortion terrorists with warnings of escalation by the National Terrorism Advisory System. So far, pro-life pregnancy centers in Oregon, DC, Virginia, Texas, Florida, and North Carolina have sustained damage with no arrests or denouncement of the violence by politicians.

CompassCare CEO, Jim Harden, said, “In the face of a mountain of evidence, the patience of the public to arrest the perpetrators is wearing thin. The American public, and especially pro-life pregnancy centers, deserve a status update. We call on the FBI and local police departments to give one. Furthermore, we urge politicians to stop emboldening the violence with their silence.” Harden encourages all citizens to sign a petition calling on political leaders to specifically denounce violence against pro-life pregnancy centers at ProlifePregnancyCenter.com.

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