Hochul and Dems Refusing to Denounce Violence Against Pro-life Medical Office

At 3:00 A.M. yesterday morning, abortion terrorists broke glass, firebombing CompassCare’s pro-life medical office in Buffalo. The signature graffiti message left by the criminals reads, “Jane Was Here” referring to the terrorist organization Jane’s Revenge. The group continues to incite their followers to engage in what they are calling a “Night of Rage.” The Amherst Police and FBI and additional federal policing agencies are now involved. They are reviewing CompassCare’s security footage to make arrests. The medical office sustained extensive damage, requiring months and much money to repair.

Jane’s Revenge uses terrorism specifically to keep CompassCare from helping to meet the unmet health and resource needs of women facing unplanned pregnancy. But they did not succeed. CompassCare’s services are back up and running today at another location while the primary medical office undergoes investigation and repair.

CompassCare CEO calls the attack and others like it the pro-abortion ‘Kristallnacht.’ It is German for ‘broken glass at night.’ The word refers to the events of 1938, when the Brown Coats in Nazi Germany, under cover of darkness, broke the glass and set fire to Jewish businesses, those in power, refusing to denounce it emboldened further violence.

Harden has called on NY Gov. Hochul to condemn violence against pro-life pregnancy centers but she and all democrats remain silent. Brave NY Senators such as Rob Ortt Patrick Gallivan condemned the violence immediately along with George Borrello.

What Can You Do?

A. Contact these 20 legislators who thankfully voted against the Pregnancy Center Investigation Bill, asking them to:

  • Condemn violence against pro-life pregnancy centers.
  • Demand Governor Hochul veto the frivolous Pregnancy Center Investigation Bill (S470) passed last week.
  • Insist NY Attorney General Letitia James investigate abortion activist and terrorist groups responsible for this attack.

B. Pray

  • That God would continue to protect and inspire the team.
  • That this grievous crime would be used for the good of women and children and God’s glory.
  • That the arsonists would be caught and brought to justice.
  • That Governor Hochul would veto the Pregnancy Center Investigation Bill.

C. Volunteer

  • To repair the damage done at CompassCare’s Eggert Road office by the abortion terrorists.
  • To relocate to a larger temporary facility.

Safeguard CompassCare’s ability to continue serving women in Buffalo and across NY State during this tragedy.