Abortion Industry Scrambles, Their Activists Escalate Violence

According to a bulletin issued by the National Terrorism Advisory System, more attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers are expected. CompassCare urges pregnancy centers around the nation to continue serving women while taking added security precautions. CompassCare in Buffalo has been forced to go to a secure, undisclosed location to protect women and the health services they desperately need from politically motivated abortion terrorists.

Violent attacks by radical elements promoting the abortion industry are just one symptom of shifting abortion battle lines. The abortion industry scrambles to cope ahead of the potential reversal of Roe v Wade. Just like an airline, the abortion industry has developed a hub-and-spoke plan to fly women into abortion hub states like New York and California. CompassCare has been actively and effectively working a plan to provide for the unmet health and resource needs of women in New York and across the country. And it’s working. Pro-life infrastructure is being built to serve New York women in person and women across the country through telecare.

Abortion terrorists are emboldened by the refusal of political leaders to denounce violence against pro-life organizations. Citizens are urged to be vigilant, protecting vital services for the women in their communities by signing the petition at ProlifePregnancyCenter.com.

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