Pro-Abort SCOTUS Justice Breyer Strategically Retires

83-year-old, pro-abortion Supreme Court Justice, Stephen Breyer, announced in late January his strategic retirement at the end of this term. Any Court nominee President Biden names must be confirmed by the Senate. Given record-low presidential approval ratings and the threat of a Republican shift in the Senate after the mid-term election, replacing Breyer has become a priority. Biden has three main criteria for selecting a nominee: black, female, and “worthy of Justice Breyer’s legacy.” Translation: Pro-abortion.

Biden’s nomination criteria for the next Justice are sexist, racist, and will blatantly violate federal anti-discrimination laws the likes of which would trigger massive lawsuits in any private sector hiring scenario. But what is even more unsettling is his commitment to a candidate who uses the dagger of progressive policy to gut the Constitutional rights of all people without qualification, including the preborn ones.

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