71% of Americans Want Abortion Restricted, New Polling Reveals

On January 20, 2022, the results of the latest Marist Poll revealed that seventy-one percent of Americans want abortion restricted. A supermajority, eighty-one percent, believe laws can protect both mom and her preborn baby. Additionally, the poll found that seventy-three percent of people oppose diverting tax dollars to pay for abortion, including a majority of people who claim to be pro-choice.

Another survey also released in January focuses on people eighteen to thirty-four, Millennials and Gen Z, who now represent a full one-third of the voting public. The poll found eighty percent want the states to decide the abortion issue, three-quarters of them wanting to vote limits on abortion.

With such strong public opposition to abortion, it would appear that either pro-abortion political representatives are out of touch with their constituents or simply don’t care.

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