CA Gov Newsom Follows in Footsteps of NY Promising Abortion Tourism

Early in December, California Governor Gavin Newsom promised abortion tourism if the U.S. Supreme Court guts the 1973 ruling legalizing the injustice. One news source notes, “’We’ll be a sanctuary,’ Newsom said, adding he’s aware patients will likely travel to California from other states to seek abortions.” Newsom is vying for tax-payer funding of abortion for out-of-state women through his new 2021 California budget proposal. The Governor of California appears to be taking cues from New York’s Governor Hochul in her dedication to promote New York’s already bloated abortion industry nationwide. Further, New York’s Attorney General has begun the process to use New York tax revenue and the power of the justice system to lobby for the development of a fund to pay for abortions and related travel expenses for out-of-state women.

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