“You Know…We Could Make This Work.”

Darlene and her husband Matt just had their third child last year. The last several months with their new daughter proved extremely challenging, with many sleepless nights soothing her. Darlene and Matt decided it was time to be done with childbearing and scheduled a surgery to that end. But, just before the surgery, Darlene discovered she was pregnant again. Overwhelmed with the news, they determined to get an abortion.

Darlene reached out to CompassCare and was encouraged to schedule an appointment to determine if her pregnancy was viable and how far along she was. 

At the outset of Darlene’s appointment, she confessed to her nurse that she never thought she would ever consider abortion. But the circumstances of her life and the stress of parenting her children were pressing in on her so much that abortion seemed her only option. Her nurse listened sympathetically, asking questions to help her open up and share her feelings about her situation.

Darlene agreed to an ultrasound and gasped as she caught sight of her 8-week-old baby on the screen, hearing his strongly beating heart. After the exam, Darlene began wondering aloud to her nurse, imagining with her what it would look like to continue her pregnancy. “You know…we could make this work.” Still hesitant since she wasn’t sure how Matt would feel about this change of plans. Her nurse then moved into sharing the Gospel with her, explaining how Christ came to heal our broken hearts and lead us into life everlasting. Darlene, with tears welling up in her eyes, agreed to surrender her life and situation to Jesus. She left her appointment, joyfully promising to return with her husband next week.

Darlene and her husband spoke later that day and they agreed together to welcome this new child into their home, believing in God for help with this added blessing.

Disclaimer: Names and details have been changed to protect patient confidentiality.

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