“How can I possibly do this?”

Raised in a loving home, Liza grew up with the common goals of higher education and a lucrative career. She didn’t feel she had time for children and was enjoying life as a young, single, successful woman. Then Liza and her boyfriend discovered she was pregnant. Initially she felt ready to move forward with the pregnancy but shortly after finding out, Liza began to experience increased anxiety that caused her to feel absolutely overwhelmed at the prospect of raising a child. Liza began to seriously consider abortion and when she shared her thoughts with a friend, that friend encouraged her to call Northtown Pregnancy Center (NPC), now CompassCare Buffalo.

Liza made an appointment, met with her nurse, and confessed the inner turmoil she was experiencing.  Her ultrasound revealed a healthy eight-week-old baby and although Liza acknowledged the life growing inside her, she felt even more anxious by the idea of being pregnant. Liza willingly prayed and asked the Lord to give her wisdom and peace as she considered her decision. She agreed to take time during the following week to process the decision and return in a week to talk some more. A PrayerNet was sent out asking all CompassCare’s Prayer Warriors to intercede on behalf of Liza and her little one.

Unfortunately, Liza never came to her return appointment. Instead, a couple days later, consumed with fear, she went to Planned Parenthood and asked for the abortion pill (RU486). She took the first pill of the chemical abortion and then walked out of the clinic carrying the second pill to be taken in two days. By the time Liza made it home, she was sobbing uncontrollably. “How can I possibly do this? How can this be the end for this baby? I can’t just live for myself!”

Unable to sleep, Liza began frantically searching the internet for a way to reverse the effects of a chemical abortion. She eventually discovered and was directed to CompassCare Buffalo for the abortion pill reversal treatments. An ultrasound was performed and to her relief and joy, her baby was still alive. Liza immediately began the natural progesterone treatments and flushed the second abortion pill down the toilet.

Praise God for the reputation NPC has built in Buffalo so that Liza could be referred to the center, and for the powerful new abortion pill reversal service through CompassCare so she could receive life-saving care immediately.

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  1. peg franklin Reply

    Praise God ! He still works in people’s lives to do his will and the commandement still holds Thou shalt not kill!

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