Is Breast Cancer Preventable?


“…the breast cancer epidemic is due to preventable factors,” concludes a recent literature review.

Two undisputed factors for preventing breast cancer are 1) a first full term pregnancy earlier in life and 2) increasing the duration of breast feeding. A third major factor for reducing a woman’s risk of breast cancer has emerged: Not having an abortion.

Multiple studies show increased breast cancer risk due to abortion.

  • A 2013 Chinese review of 36 different studies found that one abortion increased risk 44%, while three increased it 89%.
  • A 2013 Indian study indicated a 6.3X increased risk.
  • A 2013 study in Bangladesh found a staggering 20-fold increase risk.

Findings are similar in Russia, Japan, Iran, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Turkey.

Breast cancer rates rose as these countries delayed childbearing, opted out of breast feeding, and had more abortions.

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