“I don’t think God would want me to have an abortion; my baby is alive.”

CompassCare’s exam rooms are on the frontline of the worldview war taking place in America. Almost every woman comes to CompassCare with the clear understanding that a baby is growing inside of them, often openly expressing this to their nurse. But their situation eclipses that knowledge in the darkness of believing their life will be over, or that their baby will have a bad life.

Sandra made an appointment with CompassCare already knowing that she is about eight weeks pregnant. She wants to get a medical abortion (RU-486) as soon as possible and is worried because she is almost to limit of when she can get one. Sandra told her nurse she has no other option due to her relationship with the father of the baby. She described it to her nurse as mentally and emotionally abusive. Crying, she shared how he “says horrible things to me and doesn’t care about me anymore.” When he found out she was pregnant he kicked her out of their apartment and told her he has no intention of taking care of her or their child. Sandra is now living with her mom, who has said she will support her in whatever decision she makes.

Sandra really engaged with the baby on ultrasound. She commented on the healthy heartbeat and the budding arms and legs. She agonized over how she knows that abortion is wrong and that she did not have the right to take anyone’s life, least of all her own baby. But, her situation is so overwhelming to her that she is determined to get one.

God is LoveSandra then asked where she could go to get an abortion besides Planned Parenthood. Her nurse gently explained that CompassCare does not provide or refer for abortions. Sandra then stated, “If I can’t get an abortion somewhere other than Planned Parenthood, then I won’t get one, I hate that place.” After discussing further the stresses in her life, she told her nurse that some people she knows have been talking to her lately about God. She recalled hearing how much God loves her and wants to help her with her problems. She even said, “I don’t think God would want me to have an abortion because my baby is alive.” A warm discussion between her and her nurse ensued about God’s love for her, her need for a Savior, and the peace that comes from a relationship with Jesus.

By the time Sandra left CompassCare she was speaking excitedly about carrying her baby to term. She was still intimidated by the hurdles in front of her but was anxious to protect the life God has entrusted to her. Her mother, who came to the appointment with her, tearfully offered her love and support to Sandra. They both repeated many times how grateful they were for CompassCare and for the compassionate care they received.

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