Supreme Court Reviewing U.S. 5th Circuit Chemical Abortion Ruling (RAN)

On August 16, the U.S. 5th Circuit Court ruled against the FDA’s deregulation of the dangerous chemical abortion drug, Mifepristone. The Supreme Court is reviewing the decision to determine whether it will step in or let the 5th Circuit’s ruling stand. If let stand, the decision could cut the nation’s abortion numbers by as much as 15%, sparing as many as 140,000 women and babies from abortion every year, says pro-life strategist and medical ethicist, Rev. Jim Harden. The 5th Circuit reiterated that shipping the drugs across state lines currently remains a federal crime, carrying a $250,000 fine with up to five years in jail for the first violation. New York politicians appear to flout federal law, stockpiling abortion drugs and insulating chemical abortionists from criminal liability for illegal drug shipment to other states.

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