Pattern of Government Collusion with Big Tech to Censor Politically Disfavored Pro-lifers

For Immediate Release: September 5, 2023

September 18 is the deadline for the DOJ and FBI to provide all subpoenaed documentation regarding their participation in their efforts to suppress conservative free speech—labeled “misinformation” or “disinformation” by those government officials—per the House Judiciary Committee.

In August of 2022, the States of Missouri and Louisiana sued President Joe Biden and other federal officials for conspiring with big tech companies to deprive the politically disfavored of their First Amendment rights to freedom of speech. And while much of the free speech suppression had to do with the Hunter Biden laptop, COVID-19, and vaccination data, an illegal pattern of suppression has emerged emanating from elected government officials. This type of illegal behavior has gone unchecked to such an extent that pro-abortion extremist politicians boldly use their official position to publicly demand big tech like Google to censor pro-life pregnancy centers under the same mantra of misinformation.

Pro-abortion politicians have been publicly colluding with Google to censor politically disfavored pro-life pregnancy centers. Open letters to Google from 22 Federal legislators and New York Attorney General Letitia James in late June of 2022 demanded Google disallow pro-life pregnancy centers from advertising or from being found on Google Maps.

Responding to the attack on the First Amendment rights of pregnancy centers, 17 state Attorneys General signed an open letter to Google stating in part, “Complying with these demands would constitute a grave assault on the principle of free speech.” The AGs went on to warn, “Because of the fundamental American values at stake here, if you comply with this inappropriate demand to bias your search results against crisis pregnancy centers, our offices will conduct thorough investigations to determine whether this suppression violates the antitrust laws of the United States.” Google ignored the AG’s letter, instead complying with the censorship demands of pro-abortion politicians who celebrated Google’s compliance on August 25.

Google now automatically filters all pro-life pregnancy centers from Google Maps when searches are performed for information or services related to abortion and unplanned pregnancy. Warning labels are also added to pro-life pregnancy center ads and other content. Based on natural search engine year-over-year performance, it appears that search algorithms have been modified to promote abortion providers and demote pro-life content. According to the recent lawsuit, this type of collusion between government actors and big tech violates anti-trust laws and section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. That is, the government “subsidized, fostered, encouraged, and empowered the creation of a small number of massive social-media companies with disproportionate ability to censor and suppress speech…such inducements [including the absence of antitrust enforcement] constitute an immensely valuable benefit to [such platforms] and incentive to do the bidding of federal officials.” Rev. Jim Harden, CEO of pro-life medical network in New York says, “It is our hope that these AGs as well as Rep. Jim Jordan and the House Judiciary Committee will hold political operatives, their appointees like Garland and Wray, and companies like Google accountable. Their reckless anti-trust abuses by colluding and coordinating with each other to deprive pro-life people of freedom of speech in the new technological public square undermines the Constitutional rule of law.”

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