We Have A Duty to One Another to Step Toward the Persecution

Rev. Jim Harden, President and CEO of CompassCare, joins Ed Martin this week on the Pro America Report to talk about how “money follows morality,” as Rev. Harden says, which describes the importance of moral matters in political action. Ed and Rev. Harden also talk about how, even after the firebombing of CompassCare, peaceful pro-life protestors are being arrested. In the face of this persecution of the pro-life movement, Rev. Harden emphasizes the importance of standing up for what is right.

Ed Martin: You stepped toward the hate… Many people are stepping back.

Rev. Harden: I think it’s a mistake to step away from injustice. Specifically, in a constitutional rule-of-law society, like what we have in the United States, it requires the vigilance of the citizenry to behave and act on the rights that we have been endowed with by our Creator, not by our government. If we are going to sustain a civilized order, or perhaps even, return to a civilized order, we need people who can be that prophetic voice and that prophetic presence, whether it’s serving women who are seriously considering having an abortion or saving preborn boys and girls from being destroyed at the last minute as a mercy mission, peaceful pro-life citizens need to step up a matter of educating the world. It is not just about what it means to be human under God, that we’re all created in His image and deserving of protection, equally, but also that we have an obligation, we have a duty to one another.

Listen to the full ten-minute interview below.

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