New York Abortion Industry Expose Reveals Serial Malpractice, Abuse, Injury, and Death (RAN)

Recently, an extensive report by Washington Stand Journalist, Ben Johnson shows systemic private practice abortion injury, abuse, and death in New York, including at least 38 deaths of pregnant mothers as young as 13. It also reveals a pattern of leniency by New York State Department of Health required to regularly audit abortion clinics. Recently, an abortionist injured a 16-year-old two-time victim of statutory rape using chemical abortion, causing her child to be born with “profound birth defects.” Mysteriously, New York Gov. Hochul signs laws protecting abortionists. Rev. Harden, CEO of New York based pro-life network, CompassCare, told the Washington Stand, “If investigations into the fraudulent practices of the abortion industry are not conducted, it only serves to further reveal that pro-abortion politicians care more about protecting the profiteering abortion empire than women whose lives are daily put at risk.”

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