Either All Are Created Equal or Equality Is a Sham (RAN)

Is it the role of government to decide which humans qualify as persons protected under the law? Systemic injustice is when those in political power disqualify certain categories of humans from protection under law in order to legally enslave or destroy them. The Declaration of Independence says, “that all men are created equal…endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights…” not their government.

The Bible says that all people are inherently valuable requiring protection because all are made in God’s image. For society to reject God lays the barbaric foundation for injustices like abortion. Either all people without qualification are created equal or equality is a sham, a word the political elite use to manipulate the masses. Save women and babies from the injustice of abortion by hosting or joining a CompassCare Walk for Life near you. Go to CompassCareWalk.com.

To serve women and save lives go to realabortionnews.com/donate.

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